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Void Purchase Order

The MoneyWorks does provide a “Delete” function to delete off those invalid Purchase Orders. A Purchase Order which you sent out, but could be delivered, may be due to obsolete stock or some other reasons, which you need to cancel off the Purchase Order. However, in some cases, you may prefer to “VOID” the Purchase Order so as to keep track of the Purchase Order running number instead of “DELETE”.

To “VOID” a Purchase Order, you may process the order with “Receive goods with invoice”, you take it as you have received the quantity in full; in the Order Processing window, DO NOT check the “POST” checkbox as you are going to delete off this “Purchase Invoice” later.

Next, you highlight the purchase invoice from the Purchase Invoice transaction list, and click the “Delete” button to delete off the unwanted purchase invoice (Unposted).

After processed, the Purchase Order will be moved from the Purchase Order list to the “Bought” section.

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