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Manage non-profit organisation's programs with the Job feature

You can use the job feature in MoneyWorks to track the projects and programs for the non-profit organisation. Job does not affect the ledger posting but added an extra layer for the accountant to analyse the fund used and control the program expenses.

For example, you enter a payment to the supplier and tag the expense account to a job. The journal for the payment transaction debits the expense and credit bank. The ledger gets posted correctly with or without a job tagged, but with a job, you can print a Job Allocation report that allows you to overview the fundraised and how you have using it.

tag job to payment
Tag job to payment

Job is sort of like a sub-ledger. You tag the job in the sales invoices, receipts, purchase invoices, or payment transaction. That's it! Let the accounting system do the rest of the work, linking to the appropriate ledger, and then print a Job Allocation report for the job to view how the fund allocates.

Job Allocation Report
Job Allocation Report

Switch on the job feature from the Document Preferences (under the Edit menu) if you like to try it out. Then, go to the Show menu and select Jobs from the list to launch the Job List Window, where you can add jobs to the system. Once the job has added, you can start using it in transactions and monitor the financial progress via reports.

Small business accounting software these days are much affordable, and feature is more powerful than before. It has very much improved productivity once you understand how the system works. Sign up for a MoneyWorks demo to find out more.

Whether it's standalone, within your network, or subscribe and park your company data in the cloud, there will be a MoneyWorks accounting product that meets your need.

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