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MoneyWorks Accounting Software

MoneyWorks has the simplicity and features you want, the power and flexibility you need.

Cross Plateform

Self-hosted or cloud-based, Windows or macOS, it's your choice.


Send and receive invoices electronically using the international PEPPOL standard

(New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore)

Report Writer

Every business is different.

The report writer allows you to dig deep not just into your accounting information, but business operational information as well.


Multiple locations (warehouses), batch / serial number, and expiry date tracking.

MW Express Badge Icon.jpg

MoneyWorks Express

Single user, single currency, and accrual-basis.

MW Gold Badge Icon.jpg

MoneyWorks Gold

Single user, multiple currencies, and inventory management.

MW Datacentre Badge Icon.jpg

MoneyWorks Datacentre

Multiple users, Self-hosted, features of MoneyWorks Gold.

MW Now Badge Icon.jpg

MoneyWorks Now

Multiple users, Cloud-based, and features of MoneyWorks Gold.


Fixed assets tracking

Record fixed assets, track depreciation, revaluation, disposal and impairment gain/loss.

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Departmental accounting

Use the department feature to simplify your account code, and track income and expenses by department, branches, locations, vehicle, etc.

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Online GST submission

Connect to the IRAS GST portal and submit your GST digitally straight from MoneyWorks accounting software.

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