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MoneyWorks Gold

Small to medium-sized businesses

Need all the bells and whistles? MoneyWorks Gold has all the features of MoneyWorks Express plus cost centre accounting, multi-currency, job costing, advanced inventory management and much more – all in one place and all fully integrated.

Fixed Assets

Record fixed assets, track depreciation, revaluation, disposal and impairment gain/loss.


Send and receive invoices electronically using the international PEPPOL standard (New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore)

Report writer

Customise any of the supplied reports, or create your own.


Customise MoneyWorks or add your own features using the built-in scripting and window design system.

LedgerWorks_home8c.001 copy 2.png

Process Order

Processing an order according to your business workflow: make an advance payment, receive goods with an invoice, or receive goods before the invoice.


Import / Export data

Import data from a spreadsheet or CSV into MoneyWorks accounting software, or exporting out information from MoneyWorks.

Departmental accounting

Powerful sub-ledger capabilities, allowing departmental/cost centre reporting and budgeting.


Send and receive invoices or payment in any currency.

Inventory management

Multiple locations (warehouses), batch/serial number, and expiry date tracking.

Online GST submission

Connect to the IRAS GST portal and submit your GST digitally from MoneyWorks accounting software.



The full gamut of accented and non-Roman characters can now enter into the database and are preserved across platforms.

Accented characters (including macrons for Māori), special symbols, Chinese, Japanese, Runes, Emojis, etc..


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Departmental accounting

Use the department feature to simplify your account code, and track income and expenses by department.

Departments, branches, locations, vehicles, etc.

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