For cash based organisations
MoneyWorks Cashbook is elegantly simple to use and is the ideal accounting system for cash-based businesses, clubs, societies, churches and not-for-profit organisation.

Price: Free Subscription​

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Easily record all your payments & receipts, manage GST, and produce professional income and expenditure reports.

General ledger
Maintains details of your accounts for over 7 years.

Full budgeting for better control and decision making.

Easy access
List views provide powerful searching and sorting, making it easy to find key information.

GST tracking
MoneyWorks provides the best possible support for managing these taxes

Powerful on-screen enquiries
Enquiry screens make it easy to view balances and trends for accounts, customer or item sales.

Names database and contact management
Store customer and supplier names, addresses, phone numbers, email & web addresses.

Item pricing
Enter sales and purchases using item codes with quantities and prices

Manage multiple entities
Keep accounts for as many entities as you need—there is no additional cost to run additional companies.

Import/export & interoperability
Ensure interoperability with the other systems your business relies on.