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About MoneyWorks
About LedgerWorks

LedgerWorks is the exclusive authorized distributor and business partner of MoneyWorks distributing the complete range of MoneyWorks accounting software and services in SE Asia.

MoneyWorks continues to expand with the aim of helping business owners take control of their business processes and make the most of the business opportunities presented to them.

Today MoneyWorks accounting software are used worldwide to manage their business.


To contact the LedgerWorks marketing & Sales team for marketing and Sales related enquiries, please email


LedgerWorks' expansion strategy hinges on forming strategic alliances with complementary businesses to leverage growth opportunities.

Alliances are sought with companies that demonstrate


  • innovative technology

  • complementary products

  • extensive distribution channels

  • close relationships with our customers

To register your interest, please indicate the nature of your interest, your company's information, and any other information that will help us evaluate your request, please email to


MoneyWorks is the world-leading provider of business and financial management application that manages all your businesses no matter whatever seize… with its totally cross platform between Windows and Mac you now take advantage on using the best of both OS world.

MoneyWorks continue to revolutionize the world of business finance management by continuously providing world-class solutions that encompass today and the future needs to give you the tools to face the challenging and competitive environment we faces in our businesses.

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