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MoneyWorks Now

Cloud-based accounting system

Want the power of MoneyWorks Datacentre, but hosted in the Cloud? MoneyWorks Now, our cloud-based service, is the answer.


MoneyWorks Now distributed cloud solution offers many advantages over traditional cloud-based offerings.


MoneyWorks Now cloud server is hosted locally, and it is fast in accessing your MoneyWorks data.

Native interface

MoneyWorks Now gives you the full power of your own native desktop user interface (Windows or Mac) -- no need to compromise using a slow, limited functionality of your browser.​

Data ownership

No lock-in by your service provider -- you own your own data and can move it to your desktop at any time.


Leverage the power of your desktop -- as well as working with other cloud-based systems, MoneyWorks Now can work directly with your existing desktop solutions, like your mail client, Office apps (Excel, FileMaker etc) and your other desktop business systems.


Customisability & Extensibility

No need to settle for the "one-size-fits-all" model of traditional cloud solutions -- use the MoneyWorks tools to get your system going the best way.

Functionality of MoneyWorks Gold

All the functionality of MoneyWorks Gold with high-performance networking for up to 99 simultaneous users.

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