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Choosing Business Information Software


Easy to use, flexible, and powerful information software that won’t restrict you as your business grows in size. Many software companies make these types of statements, but when you use the products your experience can be quite different. With MoneyWorks, there are clear examples (and customer testimonials) that back up these claims. But what else should you look for?



You need your accounting software to fit in with your business processes, not the other way around.

MoneyWorks is designed for maximum flexibility and interoperability. The key is that you can structure your accounts to match the structure of your business, and if the comprehensive included reports and powerful subsummary features are still not enough, the MoneyWorks Gold report writer makes it possible to create the exact reports you need.





This is an important consideration, because there is a lot of really slow and capacity-limited accounting software on the market. You need software that won't bog down.

MoneyWorks is fast. In our testing we've found the differences in speed and productivity to be phenomenal.





Some software allows you to make changes to data that should be regarded as final, with no audit trail. Ask any good accountant and they will tell you that this is a recipe for trouble. MoneyWorks protects the integrity of your data and provides concrete audit trails. No other software does better accounting!

Lower overall costs


Over time, the initial purchase price of any software will be insignificant compared to the cost of keeping the software current, staff training, staff time that might be wasted using an inefficient system, or the cost of ongoing rental if you do not buy a system outright. Not to mention the cost of having to change software if you run into the limitations of an insufficiently capable system. So choose wisely, and look beyond the sticker price on the box.


We have designed MoneyWorks to have low overall running costs. This is achieved through:


  • No company limits—Many systems will charge you extra to create additional company files, or you may not be able to do it at all

  • Comprehensive documentation—facilitates staff self-training.

  • Not tying accounting software to payroll—upgrading accounting software to keep up with payroll rules should not be necessary. So you won't get stung for an annual upgrade that you don't really need.

  • A fully-compatible works-alike product line. No expensive retraining if you need to upgrade.

  • Cross-platform support—no repurchase if you change platforms in the future.

  • Effective user interface—helps users get the job done quickly.

  • Performance—Fast, efficient software means staff time is not wasted.

Get results from your investment


You're making an investment in purchasing software. You're also investing a significant chunk of your time (which will dwarf the software cost). You should be looking to get a return on that investment.


MoneyWorks has the power to give you better information from your business data.


Better information will allow you to make better strategic decisions for your company.


Better decisions will mean a more successful business.



Get your accountant on board


Your business information software is for you and your business. If you have a good accountant they will know that good business information is key. We'll help your accountant to get access to your information (for compliance reporting, and business advice) by providing them with a free copy of MoneyWorks to access your accounts.

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