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Download Trial

Download a fully functional* but time- and usage-limited trial edition of MoneyWorks. Better than a money-back guarantee because you don't even have to pay a cent up-front.


You can set up your accounts in the MoneyWorks demo and run them for 45 days (or 99 opens, whichever comes first). After the trial period, you can purchase a serial number (or a retail box) and continue to use the same data.

Comprehensive accounting and business information system. Multi-user capable.

Simple single-user accounting with invoicing and statements.

Simple cashbook and GL for cash-based organisations.

*The demonstration versions of MoneyWorks Express and MoneyWorks Gold will place a "demo" watermark on any forms that you customise. The demonstration version of MoneyWorks Gold will not save changes to customised reports.

Time/usage applies to any new accounts documents you set up. These can be used with full version of MoneyWorks. You don't need to set them up again.

System Requirements




Mac OS X v10.5.8 or later

1024x768 or larger display

PowerPC or Intel processor




Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7

or Windows Server 2003 or later

1024x768 or larger display




MoneyWorks 5 users


Please note that these install a full version of MoneyWorks 6 that will replace a previous installation of MoneyWorks 5. Your MoneyWorks data files will not be affected.


If you want to try MoneyWorks 6 before upgrading, please change the name of your MoneyWorks 5 application first: e.g. on Windows, change MoneyWorks Gold.exe to MoneyWorks Gold 5.exe; on Mac, change MoneyWorks to MoneyWorks Gold



Do not run MoneyWorks 5 and MoneyWorks 6 simultaneously. Quit one before starting the other. Printing a MoneyWorks 5 custom form or report with MoneyWorks 6 may make it incompatible with MoneyWorks 5.

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