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How to setup multi-location in MoneyWorks?

Cognito has created a multi-location plug-in for MoneyWorks. Multi-location plug-in can be downloaded from Cognito Website.

The multi-location zip file consist of a guide, Stock Transfer script for Window and a Stock Transfer script for Mac OS.You should READ the multi-location guide and have an understanding of how it work before you implement it for your company.

The benefits of having this plug-in are user can have an individual stock count and valuations by location, which provides a simple mechanism for handling different warehouses or consignment stock. You can transfer the stock from one location to another without affecting the cost of sales account as new stock codes are being created and stock cost is also transferred automatically.

The base product codes should not exceed 13 characters as 2 characters of the product code will be used for the location (One character for the separator and another for the location itself). This is a plug-in for small businesses to manage their stock in multiple location, it is probably not suitable for those businesses who have more than a few thousand product lines held in different locations.

Install the Stock Transfer Plug-in into the Custom Plug-ins | Script folder.

Create a new Supplier name such as “Stock_TF” and set the GST code to “*”, use the Purchase Invoice to transfer the stock from one location to another. You can use either the “Analysis” or “Salesperson” field to record the location.

Assuming you need to transfer stock from HQ to location C, you enter “C” in either “Analysis” or “Salesperson” field. DO NOT post the Purchase Invoice, just save it.

Next, highlight the Stock Transfer Purchase Invoice from the Purchase Invoice transaction list, go to the Command menu and select “Transfer Stock” script. If this is a new location, a warning message will be prompted:

Location “C”:

This location has not been used before. Do you want to create it?

Then, click the “OK” button to create the new location and transfer the stock over.

A new stock code, example: P101/C, is being created. The stock quantity and stock cost of the original item, P101, is being transferred to the new stock code “P101/C”.

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