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Others Name Type

What’s in a Name?

A name record stores contact and address information about customers and suppliers, as well as other people or organisations that you might contact from time to time. Each item in the file is referenced by a unique code, and the record is referred to for details whenever you make a transaction involving that person...

-- MoneyWorks v7 User Guide page 119, Name.

At the point of creating a new payee (in a payment transaction), you may create it as an "Other" name type if you are not sure whether the name is a supplier or a creditor. After the payment, you are supposed to find out the actual name type of the payee and reclassify it accordingly.

Unlike the Supplier or a Creditor name type, the Other name type is temporary. You cannot use an Other name type's name in any transaction except the first time you created it within a payment transaction.

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