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Single-User mode operations

When working in a multiple users environment, tasks which affecting other users are required to perform in a single user mode. Opening a new financial period in MoneyWorks, change or delete the code (like names, products, jobs, and accounts), or changing of account type, etc.. are examples which required to perform in a single user mode.

To alter the code like name, account, job or product, press and hold the Option key (Mac) or the Cltr key (Window) and then click the Modify button on the toolbar. This command instructs MoneyWorks server entered single-user mode, allow you to modify the code field. It locks the record from other users until modification has completed.

Refer to the MoneyWorks v8 user guide page 307 for more detail on Single-User Mode.

By default, the system will not change the existing transactions when altering a product code. You need to check the checkbox for 'When altering an item master record, ask to alter existing transactions' from the Data Entry tab of the Document Preferences to have an option to change the existing transactions when product code changed. It may be difficult to search for the product history without turning on this feature since the old product code is no longer in the item list.

Another method is to create a new product code instead of replacing it. Then, do a stock journal to transfer the balanced inventory on hand from old product code to the new product code. This method could be a better option for showing full transaction history of both old and new product code.

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