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How to update the address and company logo in MoneyWorks accounting software?

You can change the company address or delivery address in MoneyWorks accounting system when you have moved to a new location, or update the company logo when there is a change. Go to the Company Details from the Show menu to change the addresses, and click the Logo button from the Company Details window to change the logo

From the Company Logo window, click the Clear button to remove the old logo from MoneyWorks, and then click the import button to import the new logo (or drag and drop the new logo into the space given).

You may require to amend the existing template if the size of the new company logo is different from previous.

You can insert additional images such as ISO certification logo or advertisement banner via the template designer. Once completed, sign and upload the amended template to the MoneyWorks Datacentre server.

Contact your MoneyWorks consultant if you are having a problem adjusting the template.

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