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MoneyWorks accounting system update version 9.1.5

Cognito has released a version 9.1.5 update for the MoneyWorks accounting system. Besides bug fixing, it comes with new features such as:

  • It allows users to change the sidebar colour to differentiate the company files.

  • Auto-balance the general journals.

  • Store multiple customised list views.

Sidebar colour

Having a different sidebar colour for company files, such as changing the colour to green, purple, gold, etc., will prevent the user from entering transactions into the wrong file if you are managing more than one company account in MoneyWorks. Especially for those group accountants and outsourced bookkeepers, it helps prevent you from applying the wrong accounting process for the client (e.g. finalising GST or updating the exchange rate).

You can change the sidebar colour from the Field tab of the Document Preferences and follow the colour wizard to pick up your preferred colour.

Sidebar colour

Auto-balance a general journal

Click on the debit or credit total of the general journal to auto-balance the journal instead of manually balancing it. Auto-balancing helps save time when entering a "long" general journal.

Store and recall multiple customised list views

If you often need to insert and remove fields in the list view (e.g. sales invoice, purchase invoice, etc.) to prepare for a different list report or check on transactions, then this new feature will be handy for you.

Save the customised list view after you have arranged the columns (from the Customise list view window), then "recall" the list view by clicking the Column icon on the list view toolbar and selecting the appropriate transaction list view to launch.

For example, save a customised list view in the sales invoice transaction list with the invoice number, Customer's order number, salesperson, and invoice gross. Another list view with an additional Enter Date and Entered By for checking the transactions, or add a heading field to calculate the home currency equivalent amount for those foreign currency invoices. Then, "recall" the appropriate list whenever you need it.

Store and recall customised list view

Update your MoneyWorks accounting software and explore the features, or go to the Cognito website to view the complete change history for version 9.1.5.

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