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Output to Clipboard

A spreadsheet is a digital document with cells formed by rows and columns. You can store data in each cell, calculate and analyse the information collected, or create visual charts enhancing the presentation.

The Numbers (comes with the macOS), Microsoft Excel (Popular but come with a price), and Google Sheet (you can have it once you have a Gmail account) are examples of a spreadsheet.

Output to Numbers and Excel are available in MoneyWorks. However, you may use the clipboard method if you are using other spreadsheets such as Google Sheet.

Output to clipboard
Output to Clipboard

What's a clipboard?

A clipboard is a temporary storage in an operating system.

It acts as a medium transferring data from one source to another.

How to output the MoneyWorks report into Google Sheet?

Open a spreadsheet in Google Sheet, output your report from MoneyWorks via clipboard method, and then paste it into the

Google Sheet.

That's it!

Your report has transferred over from MoneyWorks to Google Sheet.

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