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Announcing MoneyWorks 7

With many significant new capabilities, and extensive work “under the hood”, MoneyWorks 7 is both faster and easier to use. Datacentre users in particular have received a dramatic performance boost. There’s a lot that’s new in this release. The main features are:

  • The new search box in the toolbar of all list windows makes finding information both faster and more intuitive. You’ll know how to use this, as it is similar to the searching in most browsers, and provides near-instant full text searching (even searching your sticky notes and transaction detail lines).

  • The new item counting feature (in all products, including Cashbook and Express) is ideal for those who do not want the overheads of running full stock/inventory accounting, but just want to keep a simple count of items (such as farm accounting and share portfolios).

  • A new scripting layer has added into MoneyWorks Gold and Datacentre, so you can automate routine operations, tweak the behaviour of MoneyWorks, and even add additional functionality. Want to automatically round transactions to the nearest 10 cents? Automatically update exchange rates daily, weekly or monthly? Implement a complex pricebook? It can be done with a script.

  • With the new Unicode support, you can record information and prepare invoices/reports in almost any language, including Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Cyrillic and most other non-Roman text. This also provides full cross platform support for accented characters (bonne idée, Māori) and other special symbols.

  • Its even faster, especially for Datacentre users. With extensive optimisations MoneyWorks is even more responsive than previously. Datacentre users in particular will benefit from this, with more operations (such as advanced find) done on the server. Indeed remote connections over a good internet connection (30-60ms latency) are almost as fast for most operations as using MoneyWorks on your local network.

For more information on what’s new, please visit What’s New in MoneyWorks 7

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