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Disposal of Fixed Assets

An Office Equipment which has a cost of $2,250.00 and accumulated depreciation of $1,500.00 as of your Balance Sheet report; then you sell off this asset at $500.00 before GST.

Balance Sheet

Office Equipment: 2,250.00

Accumulated Dep – Office Equipment. (1,500.00)

To record the disposal of fixed asset in MoneyWorks, first you create a new expense account (You may check with your accountant on the type of account use), and name it as “Disposal of Fixed Asset”.

You use the Sales Invoice transaction to record an invoice to your customer and use the “Disposal of Fixed Asset” account under the Account tab. The double entries for this Sales Invoice will be:

Debit Accounts Receivable: 535.00

Credit Disposal of Fixed Asset: 500.00

Credit GST Output (based on 7% GST): 35.00

Next, you pass a journal, the journal detail as:

Debit: Accumulated Dep – Office Equipment: 1,500.00

Debit: Disposal of Fixed Asset: 750.00

Credit Office Equipment: 2,250.00

From the Profit and Loss report, there will be a 250.00 debit balance at the “Disposal of Fixed Asset” account.

Both “Office Equipment” account and “Accumulated Dep – Office Equipment” account will be zero in balance as the balances had transferred to the “Disposal of Fixed Asset” account.

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