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Correcting the Period Ends

If you have accidentally edited the period ends or created a wrong period ends, you can amend it from the “Open/Close Period” of the Command menu.

Assuming your financial year is from Jan to Dec and your current year is 2013. However, you discovered that your Dec 2012 has a period ends of 31 Dec 2013 (which is supposed to be 31 Dec 2012) and Feb 2013 period has a period end of 28 Feb 2014 (Which is supposed to be 28 Feb 2013). To amend the period ends, go to the Command menu and select “Open/Close Period”, then click on the “arrow” button in front of the “Last day of Period” and amend the date accordingly.

In this case, change the date from “31/12/13″ to “31/12/12″, and “28/2/14″ to “28/2/13″.

Click on the “Done” button to complete the Period Ends correction

Note: You should backup your document (company file) before you amend the period ends.

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