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The administrator can restrict access to reports and forms for particular users by a mechanism known as signing. This is controlled by the Signing and Using Unsigned Forms and Reports administration privilege…” — from the MoneyWorks User Guide, page G-222

The customized forms and reports, which you have created, are stored in the “Custom Plug-ins” folder. To quickly access the “Custom Plug-ins” folder, you may click on the “Custom Plug-ins” folder link at the “Housekeeping” navigator. It will bring you to the “MoneyWorks Custom Plug-Ins” folder, which was created on your computer when you first activated. Underneath the “MoneyWorks Custom Plus-Ins” folder are multiple subfolders such as:

  • Forms

  • Import Maps

  • Navigator

  • Pictures for Company

  • Reports

  • Scripts

Assuming you created a new report and wanted to share it with other users in MoneyWorks, You need to copy (or “Save”) this “New Report” into the “Report” folder. Then, go to the MoneyWorks program (login as Admin) and select “Signing” from the File menu.

Next, highlight the “New Report” which you have just copied into the “Report” folder, select those users whom you wish to grant access to and click the “Sign” button to complete the signing process.

MoneyWorks accounting software - Signing.png

The “MoneyWorks Gold Server-Client” and “MoneyWorks DataCentre” share the customized report differently with its client. The “MoneyWorks Gold client” use the report that store on its own computer; whilst the “MoneyWorks DataCentre client” uses the customized report from the “MoneyWorks DataCentre Server”. To transfer the signed report:

MoneyWorks Gold Server-Client environment:

After signing the report, you need to copy the “signed” report and paste it into each of the MoneyWorks Gold client’s computers. Once copied, they will see the customized report under the “Report” menu.

MoneyWorks DataCentre environment:

If you are using the “MoneyWorks DataCentre", you need to upload the customized report (“New Report”) to the DataCentre server. At the Signing window, go to the Upload tab, highlight the “New Report” and upload it to the DataCentre server (click the “Upload One” button to upload the highlighted report).

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