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When mailing to Singapore…

When mailing to Singapore, usually we will write the mailing address as:

999 Street Address #99-999 Building Name Singapore 999999

Singapore is a city-state, an island country. We have a country name, Singapore, but we do not have a city, nor a state name like most of the other country. Hence, recording the mailing address on an international distributed software like MoneyWorks have to add an additional “Singapore” to the address.

If we were to record the mailing address in MoneyWorks as what we usually written manually:

Mailing address1.png

The postal code will be printed after the “Building Name”.

To improve it, you may consider adding “Singapore” at the address line 4.

The mailing address will be printed as nicely:

999 Street Name #99-999 Building Name Singapore 999999


Mailing address2 print.png

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