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The Date Format

The “Date” show on your Window Desktop (lower right corner of the desktop) is formatted as DD/MMM/YYYY (example: 12 June, 2015), but the date printed on the MoneyWorks report shown as MM/DD/YY (example: 7/14/15).

MoneyWorks follows the date format set on the computer. The difference between the desktop and the reporting date format is due to the date formatting of your computer. This could be due to the desktop is using the long date format while the MoneyWorks accounting software is using the short date format set in the Regional Option of your computer.

If you prefer both date to be formatted as DD/MM/YY, then from the Control Panel | Regional and Language Option | Regional Option tab | Click the “Customize” button to get into the “Customize Regional Option” function; at the Date tab, change the "short date format" to "DD/MM/YY".

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