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How to add the Payment Method field to the MoneyWorks form?

If adding the Transaction.PaymentMethod field (Payment Method) directly to an “Official Receipt” or “Payment Voucher” form (*.invc), you will get a result of 1, 2, 3, or 4; instead of the result label “Cash”, “Cheque”, "Electronic”, or “Credit Card”.


If “Cheque” payment method were to be used in the transaction; 2.00 (or 2), which is the payment method 2, will be printed.

The first four payment methods in MoneyWorks have special behaviour and cannot be altered (refer to the MoneyWorks v7 User Guide, page 194 — Fields). The "Payment Method 5” onward is user definable.

To print the result label such as “Cash”, “Cheque”, “Electronic”, or “Credit Card” instead of the result “1”, “2”, “3”, or “4”; a Choose ( ) function should be used. Edit the template and replace the Payment Method Calculation box to:

Choose (Transaction.PaymentMethod, "Cash", "Cheque", "Electronic", "Credit Card")

The print result will be:

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