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The default printer

When printing a report or form on Windows, MoneyWorks remembers the printer that it was output to, and will default to the printer the next time you use the report or form.

However, when the default printer changed, MoneyWorks will still remembers the old setting and will not change according to the Window setting.


"Company file A" printed the invoices on the "Printer 1”. When the invoice printer has changed from “Printer 1” to "Printer 2”; MoneyWorks still picks up the “Printer 1” as the default printer when printing invoices since it was being “remembered”.

To resolve the issue, you need to clear the print setting in MoneyWorks. Select the “Clear Print Settings” option from the Diagnostics Window to reset the default printer, which has been remembered by MoneyWorks (The Diagnostics feature is under the File menu).

Once the old print setting had cleared, MoneyWorks will remember the new default printer, which the form/report was output to.

Reference: MoneyWorks v7 User Guide, page 78 — Printing Issues.

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