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How to search for the outstanding sales invoices?

In our previous post, we discussed about the aged receivable. A transaction needs to be posted before it updates the general ledger. So, what if you need to have a list of the outstanding sales invoices, which inclusive of both posted and unposted?

Once the transaction is paid, MoneyWorks updates both the “DatePaid” and “AmtPaid” fields. Use the “Find by Formula” feature from the Sales Invoices transaction list to search for

DatePaid = “”

to filter the outstanding sales invoices of both posted and unposted.

The above formula allows you to search for a list of transactions where the DatePaid field is empty (“”).

However, if there are partial payments, then you may consider using the “AmtPaid" field instead of the “DatePaid” field. Change the formula in the Calculation box:

Gross - AmtPaid > 0

When the gross amount (Gross) of the sales invoice minus the amount paid (AmtPaid) is greater than zero, the invoice is still outstanding. (To include the Credit Notes, then replace > with a <> (not equal to))

The above method is inclusive of unposted transactions, it serves as an overview of the outstanding invoices; however, you should based on the Aged Receivable report for an accurate ageing.

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