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How to add a Debtor Terms into the Invoice Template?

In our earlier post, we did mention the option available in the Debtor Terms (Payment Terms), which you can select either “Within Days” or “Next Month”. The terms set in the debtor profile will affect the due date of the invoice transaction, and hence the aging cycle of the aged receivable report.

To print the Terms on the invoice, first, add a Calculation Box Tool field in the invoice template, and then insert the Name.DebtorTerm field into the calculation Box. Assuming you set the Terms as "Within Days 30", it will be printed as "30".

To print the Terms as "30 Days" instead of "30", amend the formula in the Calculation Box to:

Name.DebtorTerms + " Days"

For "C.O.D." (Cash on Delivery) payment terms, "Within Days 0” will be used, it will be printed as "0 Days" based on the above formula. If you preferred to print as "C.O.D.” instead of "0 Days", then amend the formula in the Calculation Box to:

If (Name.DebtorTerms = 0, "C.O.D.", Name.DebtorTerms + " Days")

The above formula will instruct MoneyWorks to print the terms as "C.O.D." if the terms set in the debtor profile is zero, else print the Terms as according to the payment terms set in the debtor profile with a space behind and follow by the word "Days".

After adding the payment terms, you may add a text box, name it as "Terms" or "Payment Terms”, and use it as a label of the Terms field.

Reference: MoneyWorks v7 User Guide, page G-379 — Forms Designer.

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