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Updating to MoneyWorks v7.3

Some of the MoneyWorks users, who are using the older Window Operating Systems, may realise that after updating to version 7.3, the MoneyWorks application shortcut is missing from the "Start" menu.

During the installation, MoneyWorks installer seems to have removed the application shortcut from the MoneyWorks folder.

To resolve the issue (while waiting for Cognito to fix up the installer), you can highlight the MoneyWorks application under the Program Files folder of the local drive, then use the "Send To" function to create a shortcut on the Desktop.

Next, rename the MoneyWorks application shortcut, if required, copy and paste it to the "Start" menu.

Test the newly copied MoneyWorks version 7.3 application shortcut from the "Start" menu to ensure it is working properly.

The MoneyWorks application shortcut, which you had pinned to the task bar, seems not affected by the installer; however, it is good to test launching it to ensure it works.

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