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Custom Plug-ins folder

The MoneyWorks standard forms and reports are kept in the Standard Plug-ins folder, whereas those customised forms and reports are kept in the Custom Plug-ins folder.

The Standard Plug-ins folder will be over written when there is a new or amended report being pushed down via the version update (DON’T store the customised forms and reports in the Standard Plug-ins folder).

By default, the Custom Plug-ins folder is not turned on, you need to manually activate it via the Housekeeping navigator. Click the “Make a Custom Plug-ins folder” button at the Housekeeping navigator to create a MoneyWorks Custom Plug-ins folder (Another method to activate the Custom Plug-Ins folder is via the Reports menu, Index to Reports, and click the "Make Custom Plug-ins” button).

The subfolders, which created beneath the Custom Plug-ins folder are:

  • Forms

  • Import Maps

  • Pictures for “MoneyWorksDocument"

  • Products

  • Transactions

  • Reports

  • Scripts

Store those customised forms, reports, import map and scripts, which you have created into these subfolders.

Reference: MoneyWorks v7 User Guide, Page 29 — Managing Your Plug-ins.

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