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Validity Date of Quote

A Validity Date of Quote helps protect the buyer and seller; the price quoted is being locked within an “x” number of days from the quote date.

The Due Date in a Quote can be used as a Validity Date. You may add the Due Date field (Transaction.DueDate) by inserting a new Calculation field with the Transaction.DueDate in the Calculation Box; or duplicate both the field label and field data of the Quote Date (Transaction.TransDate), then rename the duplicated field label to “Validity Date” and replace the Calculation Box of the duplicated field with the Transaction.DueDate. Duplicate from the Quote Date field also duplicates the font type, style and format of the field.

Save and Sign the template (giving the access right of the template to the users) after amendment. Upload the amended template to the server if you are using the MoneyWorks DataCentre, or copy and paste the template to the MoneyWorks Gold Client computer if you are in a MoneyWorks Gold-Client environment.

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