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How to use the Account Enquiries in MoneyWorks accounting software?

Enquiries can be made about the balances in an account or a range of accounts—or the transactions in unpurged periods for an account.

— MoneyWorks v7 User Guide page 177 - Account Enquiries

The Ledger Report prints posted transactions, whereas the Account Enquiries includes unposted transactions.

The Account Enquiries is a quick way of searching the data of a relevant account(s). The Enquiries window consists of three tabs, which are the Balances, Graph, and the Movement.

The Balances tab summarised the opening balance, the amount, and the closing balance of the account(s) by the period.

The Graph tab allows the data of the selected period to be presented in either line or bar chart format. With the aid of a graph, it helps the accountant and managers to visualise the movement of the account(s) within the selected period.

The Movement tab shows transactions, which are both posted and unposted. Adding additional fields, sort, or print are possible within the Movement tab. An accountant can use the transaction list to analysis the data or spot error made within the account.

By default, a single account code searching method is used in the Account Enquiries. You can opt to search by Account Range, Selected account(s), or use a Find function to search for the relevant account information.

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