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Set up the quantity price break for the product items in MoneyWorks accounting software

Quantity Price Breaks The A and B price levels can also have up to five different price levels dependent upon the quantity purchased. This is activated by turning on the Quantity Price Breaks option.

-- MoneyWorks v7 User Guide page G-239

If your company has a volume discount policy for bulk purchase, you can use the quantity price break feature in MoneyWorks to ease the data entry. You can set up to five levels of quantity price break for each item. Once you have checked the Quantity Price Break checkbox at the Selling Info tab of the item profile, the fields will be available for you to enter the quantity break and unit price.

Assuming you have setup the item as:

Base price = $22 each #10 units = $21 each #50 units = $20 each

if you have invoiced your customer 50 units, the Unit Price of the item will show as $20.

We shall discuss on how does the "Additional Quantity Only" work in our coming post. Stay with us.

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