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Pro Forma Invoice (Proforma Invoice)

What is a Pro Forma Invoice?

A Pro Forma Invoice is not a "real invoice". It is a document states the goods or services, which you yet to supply. Often, the Pro Forma Invoice is used to declare the quantity, value and other shipping detail of the goods for the customs purpose.

You can use the Sales Order or Quote to record the Pro Forma Invoice detail, and making use of a Sales Order/Quote template to print as a "Pro Forma Invoice".

If you are requesting an advance payment (or a deposit), a Tax Invoice should be used instead of a Pro Forma Invoice; as when there is a part or full payment of a transaction, the GST (Goods and Services Tax) applied. You should consult your accountant if you have doubt in the accounting entry. As a business owner, you have to ensure the accuracy of the GST declarations.

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