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Reordering process

MoneyWorks | Desktop and Cloud-based accounting software for small businesses.

You can automate the reordering process in MoneyWorks, that is creating a Purchase Order from the Sales Order automatically when stock on hand is below the committed quantity.

During the reordering process, MoneyWorks picks up both the Supplier's Code and Product Description from the Product Profile (with a colon separating them) and record the information in the item description field of the Purchase Order transaction:

"Supplier's Code: Product Description"

However, for those who has a dedicated column for the Supplier's Code, or prefer not to show the Supplier's Code and Colon in the item description (Detail.Description), may consider using a Slice() function to remove it from the Purchase Order form.

Slice (text, whichItem, itemDelimiter)

The colon (:) in the Detail Description is the delimiter, whereas the Product Description is the second element of the colon-delimited list. So, the Slice() function will be:

Slice (Detail.Description, "2", ":")

With the Slice () function added, it prints as 'Product Description' instead of the default "Supplier's Code: Product Description".

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