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Try MoneyWorks accounting software

MoneyWorks | a Desktop and Clouded-based accounting systems.

You can try out (at no cost and no credit card is required) MoneyWorks Express or Gold version for either MacOS or Windows Operating Systems before purchasing a licensed copy. Apart from navigating through the demo company file (comes with the trial version), you can also create a new company file and start inputting your financial data.

From the File menu, New, 'New MoneyWorks Document' to create a new company file.

The file which you create is limited to 45 days of use or 99 opens (whichever comes first). You can purchase a licensed copy within the trial period if you find MoneyWorks suitable for your business and continue with the company file which you have created earlier.

Use the step-by-step guide at the Setting Up Navigator to record the opening balances if you are crossing over from another accounting systems or refer to the User Manual at the Help and Documentation Navigator to record the day-to-day accounting entry.

Alternatively, you may sign up a demo to have an understanding of how to use MoneyWorks for your business or a classroom/on-site training by our partners to reduce the learning curve.

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