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An accounting software with batch and expiry date tracking

You will want to sell off those products which have an earlier expiry date or belong to an early batch if you are in a food-related or medical-related business. Hence, indicate the batch number in Sales Invoice or Pick List is important to you.

MoneyWorks accounting software version 8 comes with the batch number and expiry date tracking feature which helps to track the batch number of the product in invoices and stock on hand. This feature can be turned on from the Document Preferences (under the Data Entry tab of the Edit menu) and then set those products that require tracking the batch or expiry date individually. Once the tracking has turned on, you can enter the batch number and expiry date of the product in the purchase invoice and select the relevant batch when creating a sales invoice.

You can also consider using batch number tracking if you are in renovation material business such as supplying of the curtain, tiles, carpet, etc. Although the tiles from different batches have a similar pattern and colour, the tone may vary. Using tiles from a different batch side by side in the same room may look odd.

Batch tracking is useful, download a trial version now to test it out or sign up a demo* here. Alternatively, you may discuss with a MoneyWorks consultant on implementing MoneyWorks for your business.

Besides supporting Windows and macOS, MoneyWorks can also install on a private Cloud Server which you can share data across different offices.

*The demo is available in Singapore only.

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