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Output Report from MoneyWorks to MS Excel

MoneyWorks give you various options to output the reports. You can output reports from MoneyWorks to Preview, Printer, Email, HTML File, Text File, Numbers, Excel, Word, Clipboard, and PDF File. The integration between apps is seamless; for example, if your computer has Microsoft Excel installed it will open in Excel automatically when the report has output.

If you are connecting MoneyWorks Datacentre via Microsoft Remote Desktop instead of manual IP address method, you need to have Microsoft Excel installed on the server to output report in Excel. You are working on the server directly when you are in a Remote Desktop environment, having a Microsoft Excel installed on the local computer alone will not work. Output report from a Remote Desktop, which does not have an Excel installed, will not open automatically in Excel from the local computer.

If you are in a Microsoft Remote Desktop environment and require reports to be readable in Microsoft Excel, here is a method which you can consider.

First, create a Shared folder in the Microsoft Remote Desktop Console. A Shared folder helps interchange documents between the host and the client computer. When the report has output from MoneyWorks to Excel in the Remote Desktop Server, it creates a *.htm formatted report in the 'Local>Temp' folder automatically if required software is missing.

Then, transfer the report from the Temp folder to the Shared folder once created and open the file in Microsoft Excel locally.

MoneyWorks gives you various methods to connect to a Datacentre; you can connect via local network, manual IP address, Remote desktop, Cloud server, and MoneyWorks Now. Discuss with your MoneyWorks Consultant to find the best method to connect to the MoneyWorks Datacentre to achieve your desired result.

* Numbers is an Apple product. * Excel and Word are Microsoft product.

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