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MoneyWorks Now, a cloud-based accounting system

Cognito has commissioned a MoneyWorks Now Node in Singapore. Businesses in both Singapore and Malaysia who are looking for an industrial-strength cloud-based accounting system can subscribe to MoneyWorks Now if you prefer to use a public cloud instead of the private cloud offered by an in-house MoneyWorks Datacentre.

Unlike the traditional cloud-based solution which has to compromise using a slow, limited functionality of a browser; MoneyWorks Now offers a full native user-interface, full function as the desktop version (Both Windows and MacOS), data ownership, and customisable.

Leverage the power of your desktop, as well as working with other cloud-based systems, MoneyWorks Now can work directly with your existing desktop solutions like the mail client, office apps (Microsoft Excel, FileMaker, etc.) and other desktop business systems.

There is NO lock-in by your service provider, you own the data and can move it to your desktop at any time via the built-in backup function.

Try it now, leverage the convenient of CLOUD and power of a DESKTOP application.

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