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MoneyWorks accounting system supports multiple entities

There is no restriction on the number of company files you can create in MoneyWorks. You can create as many files as you wish with a license purchased/subscribed. It is useful to the Accountant who requires managing multiple entities and a cost saving to the outsourced Accountant (Bookkeeper).

Besides, multiple instances* feature allows the user to work on multiple files at the same time without having to close the company file first before working on another. It reduces frustration and time-saving when working with the inter-company account.

For Accountant who needs consolidation can consider getting the 'Consolidation & Inter-company Module (MoneyWorks Datacentre)' from Cognito add-on store. This add-on helps the Accountant consolidate financial reports from various subsidiary accounts.

Whether it is a standalone, multiple-users, install locally, private cloud server, or subscribe to MoneyWorks Now (a cloud-based accounting system), there is a MoneyWorks product meets your requirement.

Contact a MoneyWorks consultant in your area to find out more about MoneyWorks accounting system or test it out with a trial copy.

*You can turn it on from the Edit menu > MoneyWorks Preferences > Documents tab > check the Multiple Instances checkbox.

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