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Accounting software for the school classroom and student

MoneyWorks demonstration version is valid for 45 days (or 99 opens, whichever comes first). The 45 days or 99 opens applied to the new company file created. Once expired, you can create a new company file without the need to uninstall the software, which is good for the school to train their student on computerised accounting.

The student can install a demonstration license on their macOS or Windows computer, with 45 days or 99 opens should be enough for the student to complete their assignment.

MoneyWorks comes with full user guide in PDF format (in the help menu) and the setting up navigator provide step by step guide teaching you how to move your financial opening to the MoneyWorks accounting software.

MoneyWorks comes with accounts receivable, accounts payable, cashbook, inventory, multiple currencies, and support Asian languages such as Chinese, Thai, Japanese, etc. More product information is available at Cognito (the developer) website.

The MoneyWorks demonstration version is FREE, visit Cognito website to find out more about what MoneyWorks can do for you.

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