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How to print product label with barcode?

The product barcode in MoneyWorks accepts both EAN13 and Code128. It helps to ease the operation and omit error when entering a sales or purchase invoice by scanning the barcode of a product.

The product label is a form template, which you can print from the Command menu or create a new one from the File menu. Highlight those products to print before you select the print product label feature from the command menu.

For creating a new label, you need to use the picture tool in the form designer to add a barcode on the product label. Select the Barcode radio button from the image option window, and then click the formula editor button to enter the formula for the barcode.

Use Code128 (Product.BarCode) for Code128 barcode and "EAN13:"+Product.BarCode for printing a EAN13 barcode.

Then, add other essential fields such as product code, description, price, etc. to the label via the Calculation tool or text tool.

The built-in camera on iPad or iPhone can act as a barcode scanner to scan the product barcode when recording sales invoice via the MoneyWorks Mobile or a custom app which integrate with MoneyWorks.

MoneyWorks is powerful and yet cost-effective accounting solution for small businesses. Sign up a free demo to find out how to use MoneyWorks efficiently to manage your business finance.

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