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How to add a memo line in Sales Invoice?

Sometime you may want to insert a note before or after an item when preparing an invoice. It could be delivery information for the driver, project information which you want to show in the invoice, or shipping information such as the port of discharge, port of destination, estimated date of arrival, etc.

You may add an asterisk (*) before an item code, link it to a memo income account (to prevent confusion with the actual sales account), and omit the * item from printing on the invoice form. For example:

Item code: *POD Name: Port of Discharge: Sales account: Memo income

Then, apply the below formula on those columns which you want to leave it blank when using an * item in the invoice form, columns such as stock code, quantity, unit price, tax code, and the amount.

Formula sample:

if (Detail.StockCode = "*@", "", Detail.StockCode) or if (Detail.StockCode = "*@", "", Detail.UnitPrice)

In this way, only the description column prints the information which you have entered in the detail description column.

Consult your MoneyWorks consultant if you need help in designing forms.

Reference: MoneyWorks User Guide, Form Design.

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