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Cashbook with job tracking

MoneyWorks Cashbook is an entry-level cash-basis accounting software which is suitable for self-employed and freelancers. And it's free.

Small businesses, mostly, do not need complicated job tracking feature available in the mid or higher-end system. You do not have the resource to get into the complexity of each job when you are solo. What you need is simple. Is my job profitable?

Assuming you are a freelance photographer engaged in a photoshoot for an annual report, or you may be a freelance Web Designer designing web pages for your client in your home office. After months into the project, you need to know the expenses incurred and profitability.

Job tracking
Job linked to payment and receipt

MoneyWorks uses a form-based interface for payment and receipt. Indicate the job code related to the income and expenses on each detail line. A job code is an alphanumeric, up to nine characters, representing a job. Once transactions have recorded, print a Job Allocation report to check on incomes and expenses incurred on each project. Simple but informative.

Job allocation report
Job Allocation

Great, isn't it?

Start managing your business account with Cashbook or Express, and then upgrade to MoneyWorks Now when your business grows.

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