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How to convert from MYOB or AccountEdge to MoneyWorks?

MoneyWorks is a small business accounting software which works on Windows, macOS, and Cloud. MoneyWorks has powerful template designing tool, built-in report writer, and API for those who like to integrate with other databases (such as FileMaker) or software like the Ostendo or Daylite CRM as a complete business solution.

Besides complexity and powerful feature built-in, Cognito makes the switch to MoneyWorks easy for those who are using MYOB or AccountEdge and want a switch. The conversion document is at Cognito website explaining what and how to make a switch, and there is also a video showing you step by step in converting from MYOB or AccountEdge to MoneyWorks accounting software.

Sign up a demo to find out more about MoneyWorks or download a trial version to test drive.

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