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Nope, I had already paid!

Was the invoice paid?

When was it paid?

What's the amount paid?

Which are the related payments (or receipts) for an invoice?

Once you have made a payment to a Purchase Invoice (or a payment received for a sales invoice), MoneyWorks updated the transaction.AmtPaid and transaction.DatePaid field on an invoice. You can add these two fields (AmtPaid and DatePaid) from the Customise List View wizard (Edit menu > Customise List View) to find when was the payment made and the amount paid for an invoice.

Highlight the invoice and click on the Related button on the icon bar, and it will bring up the Related wizard, which you can then select the Payment for Purchase Invoice (or Payment for Sales Invoice, depending on the invoice type). Use the Related feature to find transactions on the fly, a quick and easy way to find the payment made (or payment which you have made progressively) to an invoice.

Find Related Payment
Find Related Payment

Payment History from the Enquiries menu is another method of searching for the related payment of an invoice. The list shows all the transactions related to a customer (or supplier), gives the accountant a detailed overview of the historical invoices and payments.

Payment History
Payment History

Whether you like to have a glance at the payment status of an invoice, find the related payment on the fly, or a historical payment listing for analysis, MoneyWorks has the features available that meet your accounting needs.


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