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Sequential number

Sequential number (a.k.a reference number or document number) is a number on each accounting transaction, such as invoice, purchase order, sales order, quotation, payment voucher, receipt note, journal, etc. It has to be unique.

You can preset some of the sequential numbers before you start using MoneyWorks accounting software from the Document Preferences.

Set new invoice number in MoneyWorks accounting software
MoneyWorks Document Preferences

For example, you want to set the next invoice number as '2165'. First, you go to the Edit menu and select Document Preferences. Next, go to the Seq No tab of the Document Preferences windows and change the invoice number field to '2165', checked the checkbox for 'Change starts new seq' and hit the OK button to save and close the preferences window.

That's it! Your next invoice will start from '2165', the number which you indicated in the preferences.

If you do not have the access?

Some user may not have the privileges to access the Document Preferences. You can manually change the document number on the go when creating an invoice if the software administrator has set the sequential number preference as changeable (Check the checkbox for 'Can Change').

Missing number.

MoneyWorks save a copy of the transaction temporarily in the local drive when you hit the New button to create a new invoice. The invoice number gets updated in the preferences and ready for the next user to pick up.

For example, you are using invoice number 2165, and your colleague hit the new invoice button after you will pick up invoice number 2166. Now, if you decided to discard the invoice and hit the cancel button, invoice 2165 will be missing from the database.

MoneyWorks can't put back the number (2165) when the next number (2166) has already used. You should either save the blank invoice and recycle later for another customer or void it (set the amount to $0 and add a remark at the description and post it).

Put the journal on hold and don't discard it!

Sometimes you need to attend to an urgent matter in the midst of preparing a journal. You should check the hold checkbox at the top of the journal, temporarily balance the journal with a suspend account (such as the SETUP account), save it and continue later when you are back.

As a fraud prevention measure and allocating number for general, foreign exchange, and stock journal; MoneyWorks controlled the journal number. Don't discard unposted journal to prevent missing journal number.

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