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Multiple Retail Store

If you are supplying to a retail chain, often you need to deliver to a different retail outlet, but the invoices or monthly statement to be consolidated and send to the HQ.

In MoneyWorks, every "branch" will be a name record by itself. When creating the HQ name code, you need to add a "." after the name code. For example, the name code for "ABC Office Supplies Pte Ltd" is "00019", you need to add a "." after the "00019" and the name code will be as "00019."

For the following branches, you need to use the HQ name code ("00019.") follow by the branch extension behind. For Example, if "ABC Office Supplies Pte Ltd" have a second branch at Yishun, you may add "02" after the main HQ name code (such as "00019.02", so MoneyWorks knows that "00019.02" is a branch of "00019."

To enhance the data entry, you may consider to customise the Custom1 field label to Branch and record the branch name in the Custom1 field.

You may pull out the Custom1 (Branch) field to the Debtor name list, so you can view the branches at a glance.

When creating a new invoice, you can also pull out the Custom1 (Branch) field in the Choices window, so you can select the relevant branch to invoice.

Although, you may invoices to the branch, the statement will be consolidated under the HQ name.

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