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How to use the “Heading Only” account?

Heading Only.

If you want the account to be primarily used as a heading in summary reports, set this option. You will not be able to directly code to these accounts, and they will be greyed out in the choices window.

- Page 37 of the MoneyWorks user guide

Heading Only is a checkbox field in the account profile, it allows you to set an account as a Heading Only to group a series of accounts.

For example, in the chart of accounts list, you have:

7011 Salary

7012 CPF Employer

7013 Foreign Worker Levy

7021 Dep - Furniture & Fittings

7022 Dep - Office Equipment

7023 Dep - Property

7031 Advertising & Promotion

7032 Referral Fees

7041 Audit Fee

7042 Tax Computation Fee

9011 Income Tax

These accounts will be presented in the Profit & Loss report as:

Standard PL.png

Now, add these "heading only" accounts to the chart of accounts list:

7010 Payroll Expenses

7020 Depreciation Expenses

7030 Selling Expenses

7040 Administrative Expenses

9010 Tac Expenses

Reprint the Profit & Loss report, in the print setting, set the “Sort” field as “Subtotal as = First 3 Digits”

The “First 3 Digits" means the first 3 digits of the account code.


7010 Payroll

7011 Salary

7012 CPF Employer

7013 Foreign Worker Levy

The first 3 digits of these accounts are “701”, So it will take the Heading Only account 7010 Payroll as a header and summaries up the series of accounts with the first 3 digits “701” under it.

PL with Heading.png

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