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Invoice Reference Number

The default Sales Invoice template, such as the Product Invoice 1, in MoneyWorks prints the Sales Invoice reference number after the Tax Invoice form title. To have the Sales Invoice reference number separated from the form title, you need to break them up into two separate fields.


Tax Invoice 1875

Refer to MoneyWorks version 7 User Guide page G-379 — Forms Designer

The Transaction.OurRef in the database is the field used to capture the sales invoice reference number. The formula of the existing Invoice_Number field is:

if(!CN, InvoiceTxt, if(left(locale, 1) = "A", "Adjustment Note", "Credit Note")) + " " + Transaction.OurRef

The ” “ is the formula for a space between the form title and the reference number, and the Transaction.OurRef is the Sales Invoice reference number field. To separate the form title and the form reference number, first remove

+ ” “ + Transaction.OurRef

from the Invoice_Number Calculation Box. The amended formula in the Invoice_Number calculation box will be:

if(!CN, InvoiceTxt, if(left(locale, 1) = "A", "Adjustment Note", "Credit Note"))

Add a Text Box for the invoice Number field label and a Calculation Box for Transaction.OurRef, which is the Sales invoice reference number field.

The Transaction.OurRef is a field capturing the reference number of the internal documents such as Sales Invoice, Sales Order, and Purchase Order. If you need to print the Purchase Invoice, which is an external document, then Transaction.TheirRef should be used.

After amending the invoice template, you need to save it into the Custom Plug-ins folder of the company file and sign the template for users to access it. If you are using the MoneyWorks DataCentre, then you are required to upload the template to the DataCentre server. For the MoneyWorks Gold-Client environment, you need to copy the template to the user's MoneyWorks Custom Plug-ins folder.

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