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How to use the Related function in MoneyWorks accounting software?

The Find Related command allows to locate records in other lists that are related in some way to the currently highlighted records. It is a very powerful way of finding out information such as:

  • Who has purchased these products?

  • Who hasn’t purchased these products?

  • What products have been purchased by these customers?

  • What other products have been purchased by customers who purchased these products?

  • What transactions were used to pay these invoices?

— MoneyWorks v7 User Guide, Page 61 — Find Related

Below is an example illustrating how to use the Related function to find the detail lines of a transaction.

Assuming you want to find the related accounts, with account name and purchase invoice reference number, used in a group of purchase invoice transaction. First, highlight the relevant purchase invoices and click the "Related" button, which is located at the top of the Purchase Invoice transaction list window. Select the "Detail Line" radio button from the Related pop up window and hit the GO button to find the detail line of the highlighted transactions.

From the "Detail Line" list window, use the Customise List View function to add the TheirRef field, which is a field used to capture the Purchase Invoice reference number. Next, add a Heading field to the list and enter the formula:

Lookup (Detail.Account, "Account.Description")

into the Heading field Calculation Box. This formula will pull out the account name used in the detail line. If you are using Department in the company file, then include a Slice() function in the Lookup() function to remove the department sub-code from the account code (Detail.Account), the amended formula:

Lookup (slice(Detail.Account, 1, "-"), "Account.description")

Use the "Select All" function to highlight all the detail lines and click the List button to print the highlighted list. If you preferred to print the list with a subtotal at every transaction, then click the TheirRef column header to sort the list by TheirRef field and check the checkbox for "Subtotal by TheirRef" in the print wizard before printing.

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