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How to print a payment voucher from MoneyWorks accounting software?

Open the payment transaction, click the Print icon and follow by the OK button, to print a payment voucher. The payment voucher is using the Cheque/Remittance Advice form designer to create, which has a *.remt extension.

The cheque specific fields such as payment reference number, payment date, and payee can be picked up from the special cheque pseudo-file via a Calculation Box Tool. Whereas the related invoices paid, which are the transaction fields, can be printed using a List Box Tool from the form designer.

Reference: Form Designer - MoneyWorks v7 User Guide Page G-379. Calculations and Things - MoneyWorks v7 User Guide Page G-405. The Cheque/Remittances information - MoneyWorks User v7 Page 407.

It is not too difficult for a user to amend the system template such as adding a logo, lines, additional text, and those available fields from the box tool. However, you may consider engaging a MoneyWorks consultant near your area if you have a complex form requirement.

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