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Announcing MoneyWorks Point of Sale (POS)

Cognito announced a new service, MoneyWorks Point of Sale (POS), that works with the MoneyWorks accounting software (Gold and above version).

What is MoneyWorks Services?

MoneyWorks Services are optional modules. A module that does a specific task to enhance the core accounting function of MoneyWorks accounting software. For example, you can subscribe to Shopify Sales, BigCommerce Sales, or WooCommerce Sales services that allow you to download new sales from the e-commerce platform and directly import them into MoneyWorks accounting software with a click of a button.

MoneyWorks accounting software - Manage Services

The services are subscription basis, and you may subscribe as and when you need them. Below is a list of services under the File menu > Manage Services feature.

  • Invoice/Order Automation

  • e-Invoicing

  • Bank Feeds

  • Shopify Sales

  • BigCommerce Sales

  • WooCommerce Sales

  • New Caledonian Rounding/VAT

  • Remote Warehousing

  • Purchase Order Matching

  • Point of Sale (POS)

MoneyWorks Point-of-Sale (POS)

MoneyWorks Point-of-Sale (POS)

The MoneyWorks Point of Sale (POS) system is a simple but functional point of sale system for retail and hospitality. The data (e.g. sales, inventory, and appropriate ledgers) is automatically transferred from POS to the accounting software once entered.

The key features:

  • Visual display for PLU codes

  • Barcode scanning

  • Parked transactions (e.g. for bar tabs)

  • Weights, length and quantities

  • Handles tips and split payments

  • Capture customer details for loyalty schemes

  • Optionally exchange data with a master file running on a separate MoneyWorks Now or Datacentre system

Visit the Cognito website or download the PDF document to learn more about the new MoneyWorks Point of Sale (POS) service.


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